by Tanya Skliar

Web & Graphic design

Web design_

Flex Gym | Corporate website


This project involves the design of a website for a sport gym. The website is intended to showcase the gym’s facilities, classes, and services, as well as attract new members and provide a seamless user experience.

Design Concept:

The design concept for the Sport Gym website is modern, sleek, and energetic. The use of bold colors, strong typography, and high-quality images helps to convey a sense of dynamism and excitement, while also emphasizing the gym’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Navigation and Layout:

The site has a user-friendly and intuitive layout, with clear navigation to different sections of the website. The homepage features an eye-catching hero banner, which displays the gym’s logo, a striking image, and a clear call to action to encourage visitors to sign up for a membership.


The website content is designed to be informative, engaging, and persuasive. It includes detailed information about the gym’s facilities, such as the weight room, cardio area, and group fitness classes.