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To sell products worldwide, your brand must speak many languages. Fortunately, easily recognizable characters do not need to be translated. Symbols allow companies to cross the language barrier.
David Airey
author of the Book 'A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities'

Importance of a logo

Your logo is your brand’s middle name, representing your big ambitions and the future success of your startup. Naming and visual representation in your logo concept are crucial for a great start in the competitive business world. A well-designed logo can lead to long-lasting success and worldwide recognition for large corporations. On the other hand, a poorly designed logo can lead to a short-lived, embarrassing existence for your brand.

It’s important to understand the impact of a logo on your brand’s success. A good logo is like a ship that sails smoothly, while a bad logo is like a bad passport photo, causing embarrassment and shame. So, investing time and effort in creating a high-quality, visually appealing logo is a smart decision for any startup.

By paying attention to your logo design and creating a strong visual representation of your brand, you can give your business a great start in the competitive market. So, make sure your logo represents your brand’s values and ambitions to attract potential customers and leave a lasting impression.

logo design in Dubai

Creation of a logo in Dubai

logo creation in Dubai

Creating a logo is an absolutely magical and painstaking process that requires research into your niche business and your direct competitors. The search for a concept depends directly on the study of your topic, the experience and expertise of a graphic designer. Also where without inspiration? After all, it is inspiration that is the direct source of ideas for a unique and cool logo.

It is the idea that is the most valuable and expensive in the development of a logo, and not as it is commonly believed that the designer’s skills are the value.
Therefore, think about choosing a designer and do not be fooled by cheap prices like a logo for 50 aed. A good and high-quality product cannot be cheap, because the creation of such a logo will take hours, or even days of the designer’s work.

You can order a logo from a freelance designer by calling telegram

What makes a logo unique?

заказать разработку логотипа

Logo Design Services in Dubai

Building customer confidence in a company starting its first steps in business or promoting a startup is not easy in today’s conditions! Therefore, for rapid promotion and recognition, the use of marketing tools is required, and first of all, it is necessary to order the development of a logo in Dubai. Thanks to this element, you can not only announce your project or company, but also leave a mark in the memory of future customers.

A properly designed emblem can turn a second visual contact with a business card, landing page or website into leads (into regular customers or users). It will serve as a brief hint that conveys the story of the culture, values and behavior of the brand. If advertising companies, design studios charge a lot for this service, in your opinion, freelancers will come to the rescue, ordering a logo from them will be a profitable solution. Turning to a freelancer, you can order a logo design taking into account personal preferences, wishes, and agreeing on important points within a clearly defined time frame.

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How to order Custom Logo Design in Dubai

step 1

Apply on the site

step 2

Designer contacts you

step 3

You fill in a brief

Serious companies value their image and reputation, so the owners always take care of its recognition, carefully considering how best and from whom it is more profitable to order a three-dimensional logo. This element refers to the main tools for developing a successful business, promoting products and services on the market.

And before ordering a logo, the price for it depends on a number of factors. If in the studio it is formed from several components, including the complexity of execution, materials, techniques, the work of several specialists, the maintenance of the studio and other costs, then the freelance designer’s calculations will be much lower. An experienced freelancer will always offer the best option for creating a logo, which can be ordered taking into account the budget of the company and the wishes of the customer. But to make the task easier, experts recommend deciding on a few questions:

  • Why do I need to order a company logo and for what purposes? Today, not only new companies are trying to order a logo online, but also many companies that conduct successful business activities and want to replace the old style with a new one. This allows you to look professional and keep up with the times. Knowing your wishes, it will be easier for the developer to decide on the design and the expected result.
  • Before ordering a company logo, carefully consider the mission and activities. Consider how potential customers will see your company.
  • Long-term goals, is it planned to expand activities, products or services? These factors can be reflected in the logo design, which will be much easier to order freelance.
  • Where will the logo be used, what is the target audience of the company and who are its target competitors? All these questions will help the designer quickly adapt to the requirements of the customer, as well as feel the atmosphere of the business itself and offer a unique project for the execution of the order.

Based on these and other questions, a professional will be able to quickly develop an animated logo for any task, which can be ordered on our website. If you are still thinking about where to order a logo, then by contacting a freelance designer, you will be able to get ready-made sketches for any task as soon as possible. The developer will offer any logo options, including a 3D logo, which you can order in the UAE, Dubai and other cities and countries. You will be pleased with the quality of work, prompt execution and attractive cost.

Types of logos

услуги по разработке и созданию логотипов


Lettering - logo consisting only of an abbreviation or a whole word without the use of additional graphic symbols, elements, drawings. For such a logo, a well-read font with a certain style is most often used, reflecting the nature and direction of the business. Examples are the logos of Visa, Coca-cola, Chupa Chups

услуги по разработке и созданию логотипов

Simple sign/symbol

Logo which is based on a simple, uncomplicated, easy-to-remember sign or symbol, often this logo is used with the inscription brand/company name. The main meaning of such a logo is the semantic binding of a specific symbol with the brand name. Famous examples of such a logo are Nike, Apple, Adidas, Instagram

услуги по разработке и созданию логотипов


Logo consisting of many graphic elements. The output of the development of such a complex logo is usually a whole emblem or a specific character. A characteristic feature of such logos is the presence of a text part inside the logo or the drawing of a unique hero. A prime example of such a logo is the Starbucks logo.

How much does a logo cost in Dubai?

The price for the development and creation of a logo in such cities as Dubai, Abu-Dhabi and Sharjah and other cities of UAE and the world.

Light design

  • Template
  • -3 template options
    (1 option to choose from)
    - up to 10 working day

Express design

  • Unique Design
  • -1 template options
    (1 option to choose from)
    - up to 10 working day

Standart design

  • Unique Design
  • -5 template options
    (1 option to choose from)
    - up to 10 working day

Why do you need a logo design?

In our a society, the packaging and design are often treated in a slipshod manner, especially when it comes to logo creation. However, a logo is responsible for making a brand recognizable and leaving a lasting impression on customers. It is not wise to think that cheaper logos are better as it can be fatal to a brand’s reputation. In fact, the level of illiterate design on the streets of many cities. Therefore, it is crucial to take a responsible attitude towards logo creation and invest in quality design to ensure a brand’s success.

Quality logo development

To obtain a logo that meets all necessary requirements, it’s crucial to reach out to a skilled specialist in this field. They will ensure that the logo you receive is tailored to your needs.


When designing a logo, a primary objective for the designer is to create a distinctive symbol that has not been previously conceived. Developing a unique emblem that stands out is a challenging task as the internet is saturated with countless designs. It requires the expertise and proficiency of a skilled designer to craft a logo that captures the essence of a brand while being distinctive.


The ideal logo should possess the qualities of being highly identifiable and effortlessly reproducible in various formats. Essentially, the brilliance of a contemporary logo lies in its simplicity. Presently, minimalism is a prevailing trend, as it enables one to unwind their mind and concentrate on the key elements.


The logo's color scheme serves as a means of communication with the client, as it can convey certain meanings and evoke specific emotions in people. This is because colors are known to have a psychological impact. In fact, color, along with shape, can significantly influence how a product is perceived by an individual. Through the use of color, we can express the character of the brand and its overall positioning.


It is equally crucial to develop a sign that effectively conveys the company's activities and mission. The logo serves as a semantic message to the client, influencing their loyalty and trust.

Logo Designing Company in UAE

On this website, you have the option to request logo development services. Our logo designs are highly versatile and can be easily adapted to suit any branded product, as well as social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Price for logo development

The cost of creating a logo is determined by the number of design concepts and revisions required. Opting for a single, creative version from the designer is a more cost-effective approach. We advise against requesting more than five options, as this can make the decision-making process challenging. Furthermore, the quality of the logo is not necessarily correlated with the number of options presented.

In addition to logo creation, you can also request the development of a complete corporate identity package and its associated components. Additionally, you can opt for logo animation to create an eye-catching intro for your corporate or promotional videos.

What do you pay for when ordering a logo?

Development stages

The ultimate step in working with the client is to perform a final computation and deliver the logo’s source files (in vector format) to the client via email.

How to order a logo design?

    Be careful when filling in the phone number field. After all, if you enter wrong data, we will not be able to contact you.

    A design logo is a visual representation of your brand that creates an immediate recognition and communicates your business’s personality and values to the audience. It is an essential component of your brand identity and a powerful tool for creating a strong first impression.

    Why do you need a design logo? Simply put, a well-designed logo can make a significant impact on your business’s success. Here are some reasons why:

    Brand Identity: Your logo is the face of your business, and it plays a crucial role in building your brand identity. It should represent your company’s vision, mission, and values, helping you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

    Memorability: A good logo is memorable, which helps your business to stay top of mind with your audience. When your customers see your logo, it should immediately trigger a memory of your brand and what you stand for.

    Differentiation: A well-designed logo helps to set you apart from your competitors. It should be unique and memorable, allowing you to stand out in a crowded market.

    Professionalism: A professional logo shows that you are serious about your business and that you pay attention to detail. It communicates a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness to your customers.

    Consistency: Your logo should be consistent across all your marketing materials, including your website, business cards, and social media profiles. This consistency helps to reinforce your brand identity and ensures that your customers can easily recognize your business.

    In conclusion, a design logo is a critical component of your brand identity, and it can help your business to establish credibility, build memorability, and stand out in a crowded marketplace. Invest in a professional design logo to give your business the visual representation it deserves.