Our mission

Our mission is to give the world beauty, creation and visual harmony with their reflection in graphic, web design and painting. The main task for online web studio is the final result, in which the soul, professionalism and maximum responsibility of professionals are invested. We help our clients grow their business by implementing comprehensive, effective internet marketing tools, it-solutions and web development. In our digital studio unique projects are created, continuing to live and be popular, valuable to the world.

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About Web Studio

Digital Agensy Sklyar Design studio is a professional with refined design taste, adventurous character and optimism, always open to interesting projects and solving non-standard problems. To bring new projects to life, the studio for the development and creation of a website, logo, corporate identity, visuals for Instagram, banner, lending initially analyzes the options, thinks through the solutions to detail for the needs of customers.

We realize how important for the client what we do is. That’s why we are constantly improving ourselves, increasing our knowledge level, tracking innovations in web design, effectively implementing them in new projects. The ability to think creatively, creatively, to anticipate opportunities, allows us to be ahead of the curve and guarantee our clients the success of realized projects. Since the studio works mainly online, we cooperate with clients in Ukraine and abroad, and large cities, in particular in Kiev, Krivoy Rog, Odessa, Dnipro, Kharkov.

What are our customers saying?

Before Tatyana, I had experience working with designers, and therefore, I was very careful in choosing and searching for the right person. I approached this issue thoughtfully and through coaching. What kind of designer would I like to meet? - Definitely someone talented and passionate about their work. Someone who won't just mindlessly do what I say, but will bring their own professional and creative input and make adjustments. I used to come up with ideas that didn't always match my expectations, and the designers would just shrug and say, "You said it yourself." This was always frustrating. I was looking for a person who is deeply passionate about their process and can truly understand and appreciate their client's individuality and uniqueness. Someone who values the changes I desire because I rely on them. After making this request to the universe, two days later, the answer arrived, and I got acquainted with Tanya and discussed the details. Hallelujah! I found such a professional. The most delightful part was that during the consultation, Tanya elegantly conveyed the importance of the video logo, which made me incredibly happy. This is how someone who loves what they do can create real value. For this, I give special thanks. We have worked on logo, motion design, video logo, website design, templates, and we are promoting my Instagram account. This is what it means to correctly formulate your desires. Thank you.
Рупия Ибрагимова клиент
Rupiya Ibragimova
Business coach
Tanya, thank you for your work. Our team enjoys working with you; you delight us by constantly growing, improving, and moving forward. Thanks to you, we manage to promote our website better, faster, and more affordably, which is crucial for our work. I highly recommend you as a true professional. Your work is always done with high quality and within tight deadlines. I wish you creative inspiration! I hope you create many more awesome websites!
Елена Кирянова отзыв о разработке логотипа, сайта
Elena Kiryanova
Founder of the Family Sports and Circus Studio "Academy A"
Thank you, Tatyana, for the wonderful logo with a unique illustration of the brand's owl symbol. The logo was designed within the specified timeframe and at an optimal price. You are a talented individual, and everyone loved our logo. With it, I will go on to conquer new heights in my children's exclusive clothing business. I highly recommend collaborating with Tatyana to everyone.
Отзыв Ирины Власовой
Irina Vlasova
Founder of the Vlasova clothing brand