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"For our clients, the website or brand identity we make is not an expense item, it's an income item."
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Brand identity what is it?

Speaking the language of modernity, we can accurately say that corporate identity is a competently selected look, consisting of a certain set of elements made in a single unique style, using corporate colors, a set of corporate fonts. The main task of corporate identity is the recognizability of the brand and a clear distinction from competitors.
The main elements of corporate identity are:

  • logo
  • video logo/intro
  • trademark
  • slogan/motto
  • color scheme
  • corporate font
  • audio/video track
Пример фирменного стиля

Main carriers of corporate identity

Примеры фирменного стиля1

Among most of the carriers of corporate identity elements, we can distinguish the main ones:

  • business card
  • letterhead
  • company folder
  • company envelope
  • flyer/leaflet
  • banner
  • booklet/brochure
  • notepad/diary
  • stickers
  • calendar
  • souvenir

Dreams, emotions, close attention and favorable atmosphere in one picture – everything is possible! Among the many companies in the world of progress to stand out today is quite difficult. And for this task an excellent assistant is a corporate individual style, which allows without close attention, long memorization, associative thinking of the modern consumer. Creating a corporate identity is not a world conspiracy, but the embodiment of originality, magic figures, colors that can promote business ideas, goods, services among competitors. The best corporate identity development is memorable and easily adaptable to any format. And note that the creation of a brand, including style and logo, is considered a valuable, quite expensive asset. That’s why many successful, modern companies are willing to spend a lot of money on design development in order to maintain a competitive advantage.

How and where to order the creation of
corporate identity?

Corporate identity of a company represents a set of graphic rules and elements of application, reflecting the essence and value of the brand. Its main task is visual recognizability and understandability.

Corporate identity carries a number of advantages. Among them we note the ability to significantly highlight the company, creating a special character.

And also faster to remember consumers and partners your brand. It is the style helps to develop the corporate spirit, which will allow employees to feel involved in the general idea and mission of the enterprise. Style also affects loyalty, ease of customer choice and provides a positive reputation. Accordingly, customers are attracted and profits are increased many times over.

Development of design, special fonts, catchy name with a bright slogan and symbol in combination with corporate color – all this will be done in the shortest possible time by the designer of our organization. On the site you can familiarize yourself with samples of work and make the right decision. Each client will be offered to develop a logo and corporate identity, taking into account the direction of activity and individual preferences.

And it is worth noting that the development of corporate identity, the price of which will be very attractive and affordable even for customers with a small budget, can change the philosophy, corporate style of the company.

Brand development - profitable and prestigious!

Wanting to create a corporate identity, we suggest you use our services today. By ordering brandbook development from us, you get:


Recognition, value in the consumer. A brand that conveys a story will be informative to consumers. As a result, there will be a desire to purchase services or goods from your company.

Brand Recognition

Long-term relationships. Corporate identity is the best visual assistant in recognizing the brand and building relationships with customers, partners and even competitors.


Image. Creating a brand book forms an image and helps to increase demand from consumers. And also increases the trust of partners, favorably influencing the development and growth of your company.


Unified style. Adherence to a single style helps position the company in the digital and offline environment, create harmony in the business environment and customer loyalty.


To create a corporate identity, worked out to the last detail, will help to stand out among competitors, have its own image, quickly remembered. It includes colors, logo, shapes and a number of other elements

Method of promotion

An affordable way to promote quickly. Having its own style and brandbook, it is much easier for a company to launch new products on the market without spending huge amounts of money on their promotion. All products become popular, recognizable and therefore increase revenues.

If you need to develop a corporate identity in a short time and with a quality guarantee, our company will try its best for you and your project. Your success is our success, because a good portfolio sells design services instead of any words. Therefore, our interest is based on the fact that the client is satisfied and come back to us again and again for the solution of the next tasks. Below you can fill out the form by submitting an application for creation and development of corporate identity in Ukraine and other cities and countries. The region is not important, the readiness to cooperate and solve problems with the most positive result is important.

Any questions? Call! Our designer will inspire you with the best solutions to promote your brand and business in general!

Order corporate identity of the company, including order a business card, banner, flyer, envelope you can in Kiev, Krivoy Rog, Kharkov, Odessa, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, as well as any other city in Ukraine, as graphic designer Sklyar Tatiana works remotely. We will be able to discuss all the details of the project on Skype, by phone or messengers.

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