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Order the creation of a site in Ukraine

The digital age impresses each of us with demands for knowledge, organisation in running our business and personal lives. Many company owners and successful entrepreneurs have long ago switched to conducting business on the Internet, having their own websites. And as proven by practice, successful businessmen all over the world sell their services and goods online more productively than in retail outlets or in office cubicles.

If you need to order the development of a website, or order a website online without wasting time, we offer to use our services. You will get the most convenient to manage web site, which can be ordered for any requirements and financial possibilities.

Important steps for the creation and operation of a website


The designer researches the market for your business, develops a prototype, design mock-up

Layout design

After handing over the layout to the layout designer, comes the coding stage of the website


If requested by the customer, internal optimisation for search engines is performed

Site Support

After testing the site, technical support is provided and if requested there is a service to supplement the site

Website designs

Development of websites for organisations of any purpose

Corporate website

The design for a corporate website aims to create prestige for the company as well as to popularise the company's brand/recognisability


The design of a landing page has a main objective, advertising a particular product as well as enhancing sales conversions


The design of an online shop aims to create a simple and easy to understand customer entry to the site to make quick sales

Website business card / portfolio

The design of a business card website aims to create a concise presentation of a person / brand / company

Main functions of the site

Cost of website development in Ukraine

The following factors affect the cost of website development:


Adaptability (layout versions for tablets and mobile phones)

Hosting, domain

Necessity of domain registration and hosting


Purpose and size of the site (number of pages and blocks per page)


The need for internal seo optimisation

Site view

Self-written site with the involvement of a layout/programmer or creating a design on a constructor


Need to create 3d animations and render unique illustrations

Peculiarities of website development

Заказать разработку сайта Украина

The site is self-descriptive

Website on the constructor

How and where to order a website?

When the question arises where to order a site that would meet the requirements of the customer, in practice, many customers face a number of problems. And first of all, most users want to order a site, the price of which would be as low as possible, and functions and graphics a huge number.

And this is fundamentally wrong! If you want, for example, order a corporate site or order a business card site, then for each of them there are certain requirements and tools.

It should be noted that the creation of the site should be ordered with a thoughtful approach, taking into account the details and factors affecting the attractiveness of the resource and its effectiveness. Attention requires quality content and site design, which can be ordered in a freelancer studio.

It is important to consider that wanting to order a site selling, such a resource must meet the changing trends of development and promotion. And tools with a set of certain functions are also subject to change, and the requirements for pages are growing constantly.

Based on these features and having a site, many companies and individuals often today need effective ways of promotion because of the unsuitability and failure of traditional methods.

Ideal, meeting the latest trends web site to order in the best design, professional execution can be a high quality specialist freelancer.


Apply online


You will be contacted by a designer


You fill out a brief

  • The client submits an application on the website for website development, after which the Designer will contact you within 24 hours.

    The client fills in the BRIF for website development (it is important for the Designer to find out as much information as possible about your company, directions of its activity, as well as any of your wishes).

    First meeting. Discussing the details of the website development project on Skype or at an offline meeting. The time of the meeting is agreed in advance!

    Second meeting. Meeting on Skype or offline, with already ready full TOR (technical task) of the site. After that the basic cost of development + the cost of additional services to create (if necessary), namely: additional versions of the site (tablet, mobile, rubber adaptability), special modules of site galleries, services for the acquisition and registration of domain + hosting, service to promote the site on the Internet in the natural output without the use of paid advertising.

    Payment condition:

    After the Client decides to cooperate, the Client makes an advance payment of 70% of the total cost of the basic development project. After full development of the site and its presentation in interactive form via on-line communication, the Client approves the site and pays the remaining amount of 30%

    In case the Client decides to work on cms Tilda, the Client must purchase an annual subscription for the use of this cms platform, this cost is not included in the cost of services.


    Terms and stages of the creation of the site:

    The timeframe for creating a website depends on the scope and content of the website. In each individual case it is different terms. Much depends on the feedback from the Client himself, how quickly will be approved layouts and materials for the creation of the site. The average term of creation is from 2-4 weeks. The term of work execution does not include the time necessary for the Client to accept the work, the term for payment for the work, and/or the time necessary to provide information materials necessary for the timely completion of the work. In case of delay in fulfilment of obligations due to the Client’s fault, the period of work performance is automatically prolonged by the number of days corresponding to the delay.

    The Client will receive the first variants of the main screen design (not more than 3) in 3-4 working days after the approved complete TOR, submission of materials and prepayment. Possible non-paid edits at the Client’s request (constructive comments and all edits at once). After the approval of the main screen the development of internal pages follows, continuing the idea of the main screen design

    In case of using (paid) illustrations, fonts, other works in the design concept of the website, images from commercial photobanks, other commercial sites can be used. The Contractor does not transfer to the Client the rights to use these commercial illustrations, fonts, other works, the Client buys these objects independently and transfers them to the Contractor as additional information materials.

    Presentation of the finished stages of work to be carried out by showing through the demonstration screen Skype or in graph.materials by means of communication viber, email, whats app, telegram.

    Approval (agreement) by the Client of the design is done by email. In case the Client does not send the approval after 5 (five) working days from the moment of its receipt and does not provide a written refusal (list of appropriate corrections provided by the TOR) in the same terms, the results of work (services) are considered to be performed (rendered) by the Contractor and accepted by the Client.

    The introduction of categorical/rude edits (redrawing the structure of the site, namely: menus, pages, changing the disposition of blocks, texts) entails additional payment by the hour. The cost of edits to the structure of the site, which will entail changes to the design, not provided by the approved TOR is $ 20 / hour.

    The site is transferred to the Client after full payment by sending HTML code (basic package) / transfer of technical task for the layout designer and layout in psd format. Also transferred is the Client’s card with login and password from admin panel, from domain and hosting in case of ordering this service from the Designer. As well as training video-materials about working with the ready-made site.

    The test period (Basic package) of the site is one month after uploading it to the Internet and if necessary are made corrections. The prescribed TOR are not paid, and special wishes of the Client for changes are paid separately!


    FORCE MAJOR: In case of non-approval of any of the proposed variants of the main screen layout and after a single introduction of all constructive comments from the Client, the Designer has the full right to terminate the cooperation agreement and return the money to the Client in the amount of 70% of the prepayment made. 30% remains to the Designer for the lost commercial benefit, time spent on work, including discussions and drafting of TOR with the Client.


Why is it profitable to order a website shop from a professional?

Заказать разработку сайта Украина

A properly designed corporate web site, taking into account the necessary requirements from the first days of its existence, is able to form a positive perception of its target audience and visitors. It will be valued by search engines and occupy leading positions in the search.

And a well-designed resource provides a regular increase in the base of loyal customers and gives confidence among competitors online. And of course, an important issue is the cost, to order a site on which would be acceptable, affordable and with high quality performance.

It is important to understand that such a service as order the manufacture of the site, will be priced depending on many nuances, including the number of performers, the type of resource and customer requirements.

Making a decision to order a site shop, or personal site to order on our site, customers are provided with a number of such advantages:

author’s design of the site to order with full uniqueness of the resource, which will distinguish it among a huge number of competitors;
clear, comfortable management system with easy editing, simple work with sections and catalogues;
when filling the site with optimised, unique content, the resource appears on the first pages at the top of search engines;
warranty service and support at any time ensures the successful operation of the site to order.

With us you can order a company website and order an original site for any task, and get it in the shortest possible time as in Ukraine, Kiev, Dnipro, Krivoy Rog, Kharkov, Odessa, Cherkassy, Poltava, Lviv and other cities and countries. Our customers are pleased with the combination of cost, high level of professionalism and quality of service. We are glad to co-operate!

Our company offers a full cycle of website development in Ukraine – from design to launch and promotion. We help businesses of any scale to conduct effective online activities and achieve their goals on the Internet.

We believe that every website should be unique and meet the needs of the client. That’s why we don’t use ready-made templates or make “clones” of other websites. Instead, we carefully study the client’s business model, goals and needs in order to create a unique design and functionality that best suits their needs.

Our team consists of experienced design, development and marketing professionals. We constantly follow the latest trends in web technologies and learn new things to offer our clients the best solutions.

We develop websites of any complexity – from small lendings to large online shops and portals. Our approach to website development includes the following stages:

  1. Research and Analysis. We study the client’s business model, competitors and audience to create a website that best suits their needs.

  2. Prototyping. We develop a prototype of the site that allows the client to evaluate its functionality and design.

  3. Design. We create a unique website design that fits the client’s brand and goals.

  4. Development. We use modern technologies and approaches to create website functionality.

  5. Testing. We test the site on different devices and browsers to make sure it works correctly.

  6. Launch. We launch the site and ensure its security and reliability.

  7. Support and Promotion. We assist the client in maintaining and promoting the website so that they can use it effectively to achieve their business goals.

  8. We guarantee the high quality of our work and personalised service.

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